Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Giuseppe Verdi's Opera ll Trovatore Premiered in Rome in 1853.

ll Trovatore (The Troubadour) is an opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Leone Emanuele Bardare and Salvadore Cammarano, based on the play El Trovador by Antonio García Gutiérrez.

- Wikipedia

Social Science Fair Project Information
Title: The Cantonese Opera
Subject: Performing arts / vocal music
Grade level: Elementary School, Grades 7-9
Academic Level: Ordinary
Project Type: Descriptive
Cost: Low
Awards: Honorable Mention, ThinkQuest International, Spring 2004
Affiliation: ThinkQuest
Year: 2004
Description: Main topics: The origins of Cantonese opera, history, development and change, make-up, costumes, music, Cantonese opera and the local community.

Link: http://library.thinkquest.org/04apr/01272/

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